P & P Rocker Rope Access Back Up Device


Guided type fall arrester suitable for semistatic 10.5mm to 12.7mm diameter kernmantle rope (EN1891 Type A)


The P & P Rocker device is a rope lock device used in rope access, rescue, rapid intervention and tower climbing. This device can be used in a Fall Protection system, a Work Positioning system or even as a mid-line anchor point. It can be fitted to and removed from the working rope at any point.

It can be used hands-free when travelling up or down the rope (EN353-2). In this situation, the Rocker device is designed for use without a Shock Absorber and it maintains peak loads well below 6kN even during a dynamic performance test with little damage to the rope. It can also be used as a Rope Adjuster on a Work Positioning Lanyard or Flipline (EN358), or as a backup device in Rope Access work (EN12841-A). The Thumb-Catch allows the Rocker to be ‘parked’ on the rope and therefore used as a mid-line anchor even in a rescue scenario where there would be a two-man load.

Material: Anodised Aluminium
Conformity: EN353-2, EN358