P + P Chunkie 2m Two Tails Lanyard


Two tails lanyard suitable for arresting potential falls. The lanyard incorporates a “tear-web” energy absorbing pack.

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P+P Chunkie Two Tails (Double) Lanyard with Tie Back Loops is a twin legged lanyard incorporating a tear-web energy absorbing pack suitable for arresting potential falls and tieback loops (metal rings) to which the scaffold hooks can be clipped to allow the user to secure themselves to points over which the scaffold hook may not fit.

The tie-back loops are sewn to the end a length of sleeve, ensuring that the rope leg is not damaged when it is wrapped around a structure and ensuring the sleeve does not slip through the ring to expose the rope. Made from 11mm kernmantle rope is comes complete with two large aluminium double-action scaffold hooks and a triangular screwlink for securing the two tails lanyard to your harness.

Sizing: 2m long
Material: 11mm kernmantle rope
Conformity: EN355:2002